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FAQ for property owners

  • How do we promote your property?

    Your Property will be listed on our website as well as the top-rated global vacation rental websites (VRBO and Home Away, Airbnb, Our advertising reaches millions of online consumers searching for vacation rentals. This translates into a high occupancy and increased revenue for you!

  • How do we find guests?

    Most of our marketing is done online through vacation rental websites. We have an extensive lead management system, which enables us to follow up with and communicate with previous guests and potential guests through email marketing campaigns.

  • How are rates established?

    We research the comparable properties to get a base price then we evaluate the condition of the property, location and amenities.

  • What makes Midway Realty better than the other management companies I’ve talked to?

    Our primary focus is outstanding service to all of our property owners and vacation rental guests. Our product can be defined as the entire vacation rental process, from the time a guest gets on our website until they get back home. The definition of service is someone in front of you helping you with any issues NOW.
    Beyond exceptional service, we know owners expect several things from their management company: a high percentage of occupancy at an optimum nightly rate, proper care of their property, and ongoing communication. We provide a high percentage of occupancy by executing innovative, aggressive and comprehensive marketing and guest communication campaigns. The maintenance and care of your property is the number one reason for complaints by owners and guests alike. Through personal detailed attention and follow-through of repairs and housekeeping services, Midway Realty offers solutions not quick fixes.

  • Is Midway Realty LLC insured?

    Yes, we are insured with general liability and E&O insurance.

  • What precautions are taken to ensure your property is not damaged?

    Before a guest arrives and after the cleaning crew has finished cleaning, an “arrival inspection” is done. This allows us to ensure the property is ready for the guest, and to assess the condition of the property.

  • Is Travel Insurance offered to guests?

    Yes. Guests have the opportunity to purchase optional travel insurance through Generali Travel Insurance Protection which would cover them in case they have a medical emergency or weather delay and cannot travel.

  • What does it cost to list your property with our company?

    – A linen start-up fee. The cost will vary depending on bed and bath size. – The advertising cost for the annual subscription on VRBO/ HomeAway. – Professional photographer: about $150 – $300, depending on the size of the unit. Upon signing your contract the following will be done at no charge: – Stocking and maintaining the home with linens – Creating a unit page for our website. Other costs vary based on individual properties needs and include: Required deep clean 1-2 times a year. We may ask that your property be deep cleaned upon entering our program Window cleaning Annual supplies e.g. filters, light bulbs and batteries Carpet cleaning Pressure washing Hot tub/Pool maintenance

  • What are our fees and contract terms?

    Midway Realty´s vacation rental property management fees are competitive for the industry. We charge a 20% management fee of the gross rent collected from guests.

  • What’s included in our fees?

    Please see the list of our included services on the link “About Us”.

  • How many nights can you expect?

    The amount of nights you can expect is dependent on several factors including, economy, sleeping capacity, location, owner use, rates, season, decor, and amenities such as hot tub/pool, view and air conditioning.

  • Are there restrictions on how often you can stay at your property?

    We realize one of the best reasons to own a vacation property is so you can stay there. Therefore, we do not limit the amount of nights you can stay.

  • What are some of the normal expenses for the rental program?

    Periodic maintenance and repair to your property. Quarterly deep cleanings and carpet cleanings. Replacement of pillows, comforter, mattress pad/protector, and other household inventory items that creates a comfortable guest experience.

  • What about cleaning services, linens and maintenance?

    Guests pay the cleaning fee. As an owner if you or your own personal guests stay at your property, you will be billed a cleaning fee for that stay. In that case, the cleaning fee is removed from your revenue proceeds.

  • How do you receive your rental proceeds?

    By the 15th of each month we provide a detailed monthly owner statement (income, taxes, expenses and net revenue) and direct deposit of your rental revenue.

  • Will you have access to confirmed reservations?

    Yes. We believe in transparency so you will be privy to the reservations and what type of revenue to expect so there are no surprises. You will get your owner access code for our software.

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