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Everybody likes a good investment, right?

There’s no doubt that real estate remains one of the best investments for an investor to make, from seasoned pros to the first-time buyer—and especially within the highly-desirable vacation rental marketplace. The returns on a prime piece of real estate in Hawai’i can bear tremendous fruits in the long run—and all you need to do is check out our state’s historic run of median sales prices over the past two years running for proof of that.

But how do you know for sure that the property you’ve got your eye on to turn into a vacation rental sensation will bear fruit over the long haul, and from the get-go?

Thankfully, Midway Vacations is here to guide you (and your realtor!) along each step of the way. As the vacation rental experts in the Aloha State, we know precisely what will make or break your short-term rental plans for a unit, along with several other considerations you just might not be aware of.

How do we do so? Let’s count the ways!

Midway works hard to maximize your Return on Investment

When you partner with Midway, we’ll jump right into the fray with you and your realtor to begin assessing the unit’s potential as an investment property and vacation rental right from the jump. We track which buildings and complexes (in both Waikiki and South Maui) are the most popular, and therefore the most profitable as an investment.

Questions about what might make a particular unit profitable?

Wondering if that spectacular ocean view or the room count will add to your bottom line?

Curious as to what additional fees are associated with each particular building?

Midway Vacations is always on top of all the latest developments because we’re working hard to keep your return on investment as high as it can be, from top of the line booking software to cutting-edge marketing and so much more.

Midway knows when you’ll need a remodel (and to what degree)

Some units absolutely shimmer from the get-go, whereas others may need a pinch of TLC—or a heaping handful of it! Either way, Midway possesses the knowledge and the experience to tell you precisely how much remodeling your potential investment may need in order to truly shine and keep your vacationers coming back for more. We’ve got lots of experience and an expert, professional team to let you know exactly what needs to be done and when, allowing you to make the best possible decision with your buying power and get up to speed as fast as possible.

Midway safeguards your investment with our very own housekeeping, property management, and maintenance teams

An investment is only as good as it can be looked after, right? That’s why Midway deploys several teams that will ensure your property is always in tip-top condition for each new guest. Our team will thoroughly inspect your property after each check-out and perform regular preventative maintenance to keep things looking their best, and our in-house housekeeping team will always go the extra mile to make sure everything is ready for your next guests. From booking to property management and maintenance to housekeeping, Midway has you covered at every point along the way.

Ready to secure your next vacation rental investment? Then give us a call and go with the pros—after all, we live and breathe this stuff!

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