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Owning a vacation rental in the highly desirable destination of Maui is an excellent investment. As with any investment property, it often also comes with a long list of tasks to complete to keep the property in pristine condition and maintain maximum guest bookings and stellar customer service. If you want to simply enjoy the use and revenue from your Maui investment property, consider partnering with our Maui property management team.

Whether you already own a Maui vacation rental or are considering purchasing one, our team can walk you through every step of our property management services, which will elevate your vacation rental experience to the next level. Our Maui property management team employs a variety of strategies and processes to keep each of the vacation rental properties under our care at their maximum potential.

Preparing Your Home for Marketing

Our dedicated team of professionals helps new vacation rental owners get their properties ready for the market by helping with tasks large and small. Whether a property simply needs deep cleaning and organization, or full-scale renovations, we will be there with you to maximize your property’s potential.

At no charge to the owner, we will expertly stage your property and have professional photos completed to ensure your property’s best features are highlighted. With the help of Midway Vacations, prospective guests will view your property listing and imagine themselves enjoying breakfast on the lanai with the trade breezes or burying their toes in the soft sand steps from your piece of paradise.

Cutting Edge Marketing

We list each property on a variety of booking sites, including popular sites such as VRBO, Airbnb,, as well as on our own website. Our premium partnership on Airbnb and VRBO ensures your property maximum exposure, pushing it to the top of the page to be viewed first by potential guests. We also employ a variety of other proven marketing strategies that put our vacation rentals in front of a wide global audience for maximum bookings.

Income Maximization

We know that your income property is part of your livelihood and that the bottom line is important. Our Maui rental property management team uses dynamic pricing software to monitor and react to fluctuations in the market, taking into consideration competing properties, seasonal changes, and current market conditions, allowing us to make sure your property is always competitively priced. Our methods are proven effective, with higher occupancy rates than our competitors and a maximum return on investments year after year.

Online Booking 24/7

We make bookings as easy as possible for guests, with online bookings available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pricing and reservation availability are always given in real time, encouraging guests to book their vacation in paradise with just the click of a button!

Guest Communication & Customer Service

Another vital part of effective Maui rental property management is guest communication. From pre-booking questions to things that come up during a guest’s stay, all guest communication is expertly handled through our Midway Vacations Guest Relations team. Guests expect a concierge hotel-like experience, and that is what we deliver through our professional customer service. Our guest relations team attends to guests’ needs throughout their stay and long after, making sure they have a great experience. This level of service is reflected in our stellar customer reviews, which further impact your property’s likelihood of receiving bookings. That means, as the property owner, you can relax with the peace of mind that your guests are always in great hands.


Guests want to arrive at a flawless vacation space, and that is exactly what our housekeeping services create. Between each booking, the home is professionally cleaned and cared for as part of the guests’ accommodation rates. Our 52-point housekeeping inspection ensures that each guest walks into a spotless space, every single check in.

Supplies & Furnishings

Accidents happen, and vacation rentals occasionally need to be restocked due to broken glassware, missing towels, or linen replacements. Our team makes sure all those details are itemized and always in excellent condition (or replaced) between each guest turnover, so that the property is fully ready to accommodate new guests.

Upgrades & Maintenance

Our Maui property management team cares for your investment property with both the short term and long term in mind. Preserving your vacation rental’s longevity with preventative maintenance and care is an important component to an enduring vacation rental. Our team stays on top of any maintenance or wear-and-tear issues that arise, from the replacement of items to upgrades and repairs. Should larger scale repairs or remodels be needed or desired, we gladly act as your Project Manager, making sure that all the scheduling and details are expertly handled on your behalf.

Supervision & Inspection

Our Maui property management team ensures guests are enjoying their stay and that they are treating the property with care. We attend to guest needs by keeping consumables restocked so that each stay is seamless. Each property is thoroughly inspected with a 35-point inspection after guests conclude their stay to note any damages or missing items. Thorough deep inspections are conducted quarterly to verify all systems and appliances are in good working order, all items are inventoried, and all minor details are verified to guarantee your guests’ stay exceeds their expectations.

Outstanding Records & Bookkeeping

When you entrust your Maui vacation rental property into our care, you can easily stay in the loop with how your property is doing. You will have access to an owner’s portal, allowing you to view all future bookings as well as schedule your own stays. You’ll also receive monthly owner’s statements which include a breakdown of your property income, taxes, expenses, and net revenue. We can also assist with the payment of state and local Accommodation Taxes if you choose. Revenue will be deposited directly into your bank account.

A Valuable Partnership With Our Maui Property Management Team

At Midway Vacations, we elevate Maui property management services that are built on clear communication and trust. You can rest assured that your Maui vacation home is being cared for as if it were our own!

Contact our team today to learn more about partnering with us to manage your Maui investment property.



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