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Things to Do on Maui

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There’s a reason Maui is often touted as one of the most beautiful places on earth — its diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage offer something for everyone. You’ll find numerous things to do, no matter if you’re an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover, or a history buff!

From the scenic stretches of the famous Hana Highway that offers breathtaking views and numerous waterfalls to the mystical charm of the ‘Iao Valley, with its lush landscapes and historical significance, here are our curated top must-dos that you absolutely need to include in your Maui itinerary:

Hana Highway – Road to Hana

The Hana Highway is more than just a road; it’s an adventure into the heart of Maui! Stretching across 64+ miles and featuring over 600 curves and 59 bridges, this drive offers an extraordinary journey through lush rainforests, past cascading waterfalls, and alongside stunning coastal vistas.

Be sure to allocate a whole day for this trip, allowing ample time to stop at the various viewpoints, swim in the natural pools, and explore the quaint town of Hana. The Road to Hana is a true testament to Maui’s unspoiled beauty and is an essential experience for any visitor.

As you explore, especially along the iconic Hana Highway, we strongly encourage you to respect local laws and customs — including strictly observing traffic rules and refraining from trespassing on private property.

Hana Highway - Road to Hana

Haleakalā National Park

Home to the world’s largest dormant volcano, Haleakala National Park is a landscape of stark contrasts and ethereal beauty. Rising over 10,000 feet above sea level, the summit of Haleakala offers awe-inspiring views of the sunrise and sunset that are truly unparalleled. The park’s diverse ecosystems range from lush tropical rainforests at its base to the barren, moon-like crater at the summit.

With over 30 miles of hiking trails, visitors can explore the unique flora and fauna, visit waterfalls, and even spot endangered species like the nene goose. Please visit their website to learn more about entrance fees and if reservations are needed to visit any of the areas. For instance, watching the sunrise here is extremely popular, and reservations are required to enter the park. You can learn more here.

Haleakala National Park

‘Iao Valley State Park

Considered one of Maui’s most sacred sites, ‘Iao Valley State Park is a must-visit for anyone interested in history and culture. Here, you’ll find a peaceful sanctuary that boasts some of the island’s most breathtaking scenery and the iconic Iao Needle, a 1200-foot tall green-mantled rock outcropping that is steeped in Hawaiian lore.

Visitors can enjoy easy hiking trails that meander through the lush landscape, offering views of the valley and its historical sites. The park is also a perfect spot for picnicking, photography, and simply soaking in the tranquil beauty of nature. Please note, parking and entry fees and/or reservations may be needed to visit.

Iao Valley State Park

Wai’anapanapa State Park

A rugged coastline, unique black lava sand beach, tidal caves, and a seabird colony are just a few features of this emerald gem on Maui’s eastern shore! Wai’anapanapa State Park offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural importance, with legends of love and death associated with the park’s black sand shores.

The park’s renowned Honokalani Beach is an excellent place for a refreshing swim or a relaxing day by the water — just remember to be mindful of the powerful surf and currents. Please note, parking and entry fees and/or reservations may be needed to visit.

Waianapanapa State Park

Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater, a submerged volcanic caldera, is a marine sanctuary that is treasured for its impeccably clear waters and diverse underwater inhabitants!

Snorkeling and scuba diving at Molokini is a unique opportunity to witness the abundant marine life, including a rainbow of tropical fish, eels, manta rays, and even the occasional whale shark. With over 7,000 species of marine life calling the preserve home and multiple dive sites, it’s no wonder that Molokini is a must-do for any visitor interested in the wonders of the sea.

Molokini Crater

Nakalele Blowhole

One of Maui’s natural wonders, the Nakalele Blowhole, provides an exhilarating display of ocean power! Located on the island’s rugged northwestern shore, this blowhole is the result of sea water trapped in an underwater lava tube, which is then forcefully expelled through a hole in the rock, creating a spectacular geyser-like effect.

The site offers not only this dynamic natural phenomenon but also stunning ocean views and a landscape dotted with unique rock formations. Visitors are reminded to keep a safe distance from the blowhole and adhere to safety signs, as the area can be slippery and waves unpredictable.

Nakalele Blowhole

Cathedrals of Lanai

Accessible by boat or guided tours, the Cathedrals of Lanai are monumental underwater caves renowned for their natural architecture.

Formed by harsh winds and waves, these caves are cathedral-like in structure, with underwater light streaming through their arched entrances, creating a mystical, otherworldly scene that’s perfect for scuba divers and snorkelers to explore. If you have a passion of photography, you’ll find the perfect natural canvas to take your underwater photography to the next level.

Cathedrals of Lanai

Hana Lava Tube (Ka’eleku Caverns)

A visit to the Hana Lava Tube, also known as Ka’eleku Caverns, takes you on an underground adventure through a natural geological wonder. Comprising of a maze of subterranean passages, the tube was formed over a thousand years ago by molten lava.

Exploring the cool, dimly lit caverns offers insight into the volcanic forces that shaped Maui’s landscape. Tighten your laces, grab a flashlight, and be ready to crawl into some unforgettable memories. You’ll also find the grounds are home to a hedge maze, the Red Ti Botanical Garden Maze.

Hana Lava Tube (Kaeleku Caverns)

Old Lahaina Lu’au

The Old Lahaina Lu’au is more than a meal and a show — it’s an immersion into the traditions, music, and dance of the Polynesian islands. With a focus on Hawaiian culture, the lu’au offers a feast that highlights local ingredients and a performance that tells the story of the Polynesian migration; from the islands of the South Pacific to the shores of Hawaii.

The lu’au experience is a vibrant, educational, and entertaining addition to any Maui itinerary, providing an evening of community and celebration. Please note, this experience reopened on March 2, 2024.

Old Lahaina Luau

Maui Pineapple Farm Tour

For a taste of Maui’s rich agricultural heritage, the Maui Pineapple Farm Tour offers an unforgettable experience! Situated amidst the lush landscapes of the island, this tour takes visitors through the fields of a working pineapple farm to witness the fascinating life cycle of pineapples.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to taste the freshest pineapples right in the fields where they’re grown. Beyond the pineapple tasting, the tour also educates guests on the history of pineapple farming in Hawaii and the importance of agriculture to the islands’ economy and culture.

Maui Pineapple Tours

Garden of Eden Arboretum

The Garden of Eden Arboretum is nestled along the famous Hana Highway, offering a serene and enchanting stop on the way to Hana. Spanning over 26 acres, the Garden of Eden showcases a wide variety of native Hawaiian plants, exotic flowers, and ancient trees, including the awe-inspiring Rainbow Eucalyptus with its painted bark.

In addition to its plant life, the garden boasts impressive views of waterfalls and the azure Pacific Ocean, adding to its paradisiacal ambiance. Trails wind through the property, leading visitors on a peaceful exploration of its natural wonders.

Garden of Eden Arboretum

Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center, The Aquarium of Hawaii is a 5-acre aquarium located in Wailuku. It is dedicated to showcasing and conserving Hawaiian marine life, with more than 60 indoor and outdoor exhibits featuring over 20 species of sharks, stingrays, turtles, tropical fish, and more.

The highlight of the center is the 750,000-gallon Open Ocean exhibit which offers a tunnel for visitors to walk through and get a 360-degree view of various marine life. In addition to the exhibits, Maui Ocean Center also offers educational programs such as guided tours and interactive encounters.

Maui Ocean Center

Maui Tropical Plantation

Maui Tropical Plantation provides visitors with the chance to learn about the island’s rich agricultural history and current practices. A tram tour takes you through the working fields of papaya, coffee, and cacao, with knowledgeable guides sharing insights on how these crops are cultivated.

Apart from the tour, the plantation also features a farm stand where visitors can purchase fresh produce and specialty products made from the plantation’s harvest. The Maui Tropical Plantation also houses The Mill House, a restaurant offering dishes crafted from the plantation’s own crops and other local ingredients, ensuring a truly farm-to-table dining experience.

Maui Tropical Plantation

Maui Alpaca

Located in the lush Upcountry of Maui, Maui Alpaca offers a unique and peaceful experience for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. This alpaca farm not only provides a safe haven for these gentle creatures but also offers visitors the opportunity to interact with them through guided tours. 

Surrounded by panoramic views of breathtaking landscapes, the farm genuinely creates an idyllic backdrop for picnics and photo opportunities, making it a memorable trip for families or anyone looking to spend a day amidst nature and animals.

Maui Alpaca

Tips for an Amazing Maui Experience

There’s so much to do and see in Maui that creating an itinerary can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your visit:

  • Start early, especially if you’re doing the Road to Hana or heading up for the Haleakalā sunrise. The light in the morning is magical, and you’ll usually encounter fewer crowds.
  • Pack smart with essential items such as water, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, snacks, and comfortable shoes.
  • Be prepared for all weather conditions. The climate can change dramatically at the higher elevations or along the coast, so layers are your friends.
  • Respect the land and the culture. Maui is not just a vacation destination; it’s home to many who cherish its beauty and traditions. Learn a few Hawaiian words, be courteous, and take nothing but photographs, leaving only footprints behind.

Don’t Miss Whale Watching Season

If you find yourself in Maui between December and May, don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a whale watching tour. This is the prime time to witness the majestic humpback whales in their natural habitat, as they migrate to the warm waters of Hawaii to breed and give birth. These tours offer a unique chance to observe these magnificent creatures up close, providing an unforgettable experience of their sheer size and beauty. Witnessing the humpback whales in their natural environment is a testament to the wonders of marine life and an activity not to be missed during your stay in Maui.

Get a Bird’s Eye View

Helicopter tours have become an increasingly popular way to experience Maui’s breathtaking landscapes from a unique vantage point. Offering a bird’s eye view, these tours allow visitors to soar above the island’s lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and the mesmerizing Haleakalā crater, providing perspectives that are impossible to achieve from the ground. For those seeking an unforgettable experience that blends exhilaration with the beauty of nature, a helicopter tour over Maui is an unmatched adventure.

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Whether you’re braving the iconic hairpin turns of the Hana Highway or discovering the ethereal beauty of a volcanic cavern, a trip to Maui is sure to be a collection of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Each attraction offers its own unique story, a testament to the island’s magical blend of nature’s beauty and cultural wealth that make it a treasure worth exploring. Book your ticket to Maui now and start ticking off your Maui must-dos!

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