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Owning a vacation rental on the Island of Oahu is a great investment opportunity. Whether you already have an income property under ownership or you are looking into the possibility of investing in a vacation home, our Oahu property management team can elevate your experience at any stage. At Midway Vacations, our knowledgeable team has years of experience maximizing vacation rentals and leveraging them into valuable investments over both the short and long term. The services we offer will lessen the stress of vacation home ownership and ensure the investment is well worth your while!

Preparing Your Property for Market

Sometimes there are things that need to be completed prior to a home being ready to welcome guests. Our team of dedicated professionals understands what a property requires to be best prepared for the competitive market of vacation rentals and works alongside vacation rental owners to make sure their home stands out among the crowd. From minor repairs to full-scale remodels and furnishings, we are ready to help make your property the ideal space for your guests.

Listing Your Property With Our Oahu Property Management Team

We have intimate knowledge of the best buildings in Waikiki for vacation rentals but will take the time to study your property’s prime features and ensure they are promoted. At no cost to vacation rental owners, we offer staging services and professional photography that will capture your home’s most desirable features. We approach each property with the goal that all potential guests can imagine themselves waking in your property each morning only steps to soft sandy beaches and return each evening to lounge on your lanai in paradise.


A vacation home’s revenue success is highly dependent on being well-marketed across a variety of platforms. We list all properties in our portfolio across a variety of highly trafficked sites, including VRBO, Airbnb, and, as well as on our own website. Our premier partnership with VRBO and Airbnb pushes our properties to the top of the results search, ensuring your property will be seen by millions of potential guests around the world. We leave nothing to chance and instead take an active role in marketing each of our properties so that they fulfill their greatest potential as one of the best Oahu property management companies.

Income Maximization

We carefully monitor the pricing of each of our vacation rentals daily, using dynamic pricing software that adapts to an ever-changing market. No matter the season or current market conditions, the pricing of each vacation rental stays in step with the competition to ensure you are always receiving a competitive rate. This maximizes the return on your investment year after year and keeps a steady flow of revenue in your pocket.

Customer Service

Managing a vacation rental is about so much more than the upkeep of a property. A large part of property management in Oahu falls under the umbrella of customer service. We receive a large number of inquiries daily about our properties, and we treat each encounter as a valued potential customer. From pre-booking questions to post-vacation follow-up and every step in between, we treat our customers with five-star care. As the homeowner, you can relax in confidence knowing that your guests are enjoying a smooth stay and their needs are always looked after.

Online Booking

We make bookings as easy as possible for guests, with online bookings available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pricing and reservation availability are always given in real time, encouraging guests that their vacation in paradise is just a click away!

Supplies & Furnishings

As is natural in the use of vacation rentals, kitchenware breaks and towels and linens need to be replaced on occasion. Our team makes sure your home is always stocked with necessary supplies, room furnishings, and amenities, and is fully ready upon guest arrival.


After the departure of each guest, our housekeeping crew provides a professional cleaning service utilizing a 52-point inspection, ensuring your home is ready for enjoyment by the next guests. Cleaning services are paid for by guests, which is included in their accommodation rates, allowing you significant savings.

Upgrades & Maintenance

Homes undergo natural wear and tear over the years. The goal of our Oahu property management team is to not only keep your home looking its best for the short term, but also to maintain its longevity so it will continue to be an investment for years to come. Our team facilitates services that may include item replacement, upgrades, appliance maintenance, and repairs. Sustaining your investment and keeping it in optimal condition will all be done under our careful care.

Restocking & Supervision

Our Midway Vacations team takes care of all of your guest’s needs, from restocking consumables to being available if concerns arise. We make daily property checks a part of our normal routine so that no detail goes unnoticed. After a guest has completed their stay, we also do a thorough 35-point inspection for any damage that may have occurred to the property or issues that should be addressed.

Outstanding Accounting Services

As a homeowner, you can rest assured that your investment property is in good hands when partnering with our Midway Vacations team. And while we won’t burden you with unnecessary details, we will keep you fully in the loop with a monthly owner statement. This includes a breakdown of your property income, taxes, expenses, and net revenue. We are even happy to assist in payment of state and local Accommodation Taxes if you choose. Revenue will be deposited directly into your account.

If you are ready to take the next step when it comes to Oahu property management companies, contact our Midway Vacations team today and ask about our property management in Oahu services!



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