Elevate Your Property with Midway's Maui & Oahu Hawaii Vacation Rental Management Services

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Property Owners

Property Owners

Property Owners

Midway is and will always be striving for excellence. We are dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction from our owners and guests alike, thereby increasing  your property value and revenue in turn!

Our Services

Listing your Property

Midway Vacations makes it easy for property owners to become our partner. With no set-up fees, we’ll arrange professional photography for marketing and advertising to give your vacation rental as much exposure as possible. 


Midway Vacations will list your property across rental platforms such as VRBO, Airbnb, Booking.com, as well as on our own website to reach millions of customers around the world. We are premium partners with VRBO and Airbnb, guaranteeing your listing’s spot at the top of the page for maximum exposure.

Income Maximization

Midway Vacations works with highly advanced dynamic pricing software, which helps to coordinate rental rates in conjunction with competing properties, seasonal changes, and current market conditions to maximize the return on your investment year after year. 

Online Booking 24/7

Online booking is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both on our website and across the platforms we utilize. Our listings are always optimized to provide immediate customer quotes and to accept reservations, all in real time. 

Guest Communication

Every correspondence with your guests or service providers are handled by Midway Vacations, giving you peace of mind and our guarantee that you will never be bothered with any emergent issues.

Customer Service

Your guests will receive consistent, outstanding customer service from the day they book their vacation to the moment they leave. Midway Vacations  attends to their every need, 365 days per year, so you can relax without worrying that your guests are not having a great trip. 

Supplies & Furnishings

All necessary supplies, room furnishings, and amenities required to maximize your occupancy will always be taken care of before each new guest arrives so you don’t have to worry about things like broken glassware, missing towels, or replacing linens. 


Professional cleaning is provided after each visitor leaves. These cleanings are paid for by the guests as part of their accommodation rates. 

Upgrades & Maintenance

Our continuous care and maintenance of your property includes coordinating the replacement of items damaged by normal wear and tear, professional upgrades to the premises as necessary, and the scheduling of larger repairs and maintenance projects to sustain your investment and keep it in optimal condition.

Restocking & Supervision

Midway Vacations  attends to all your visitor’s needs, from restocking consumables to ensuring access to laundry services. We also provide daily property supervision and make sure to check for any damages after your tenants vacate the property.

Monthly Owners Statements

You will receive detailed monthly statements — including a breakdown of your property income, taxes, expenses, and net revenue — and receive direct deposit of all your revenue into your account.

Improve Your Bottom Line, Increase Your Peace of Mind

Simply stated, our dedication to the customer experience and maximizing your property’s  potential are unrivaled in the field. Excellence is always cultivated in the details, so we ensure that all Midway Vacations units are immaculately maintained and professionally cleaned by our in-house team before each and every guest. Check out our sister company, Midway Housekeeping for more information. We inspect each unit in between each guest to ensure that your vacation home is kept secure and damage-free. 

Just like best-in-class hotels, Midway Vacations utilizes advanced management software — including dynamic pricing tools to keep ahead of the latest market trends —  charging the highest market rates during each season, thereby increasing nightly occupancy. 

Midway Vacations makes it easy for property owners to become our partner. With no set up fees, we’ll arrange professional photography for marketing and advertising programs to bring your vacation rental as much exposure as possible. Our linen and terry program means we provide all necessary linens and towels with no additional fee, and you enjoy peace of mind knowing guests will not find stained or damaged linen in your property.

Are you ready to start generating maximum revenue with your property? Midway Vacations will keep your home in pristine condition, and typically sees an occupancy rate of 85-95% throughout the year. Click below to contact us for a free, no obligation rental evaluation!

10 More Reasons To Choose

Midway Vacations

1. No Set-Up Fees

Midway Vacations doesn’t charge set up fees. Ever. We arrange everything to properly market your property and ensure it receives maximum exposure! Our linen and terry program is included with your management fees, ensuring you are not charged additional fees to have pristine linen in your property.

2. You will save money with our Damage Protection Plan

Midway Vacations provides a stress-free Damage Protection Plan to our guests, which covers unintentional guest damage up to $500. Besides covering unintentional guest damages, we also cover small replacements, such as kitchenware (if something goes missing), batteries, light bulbs. 

3. Linen and towels are included in our service

The funds charged with our Damage Protection Plan also covers the constant replacement of linens and towels, to make sure your guests always find sparkling fresh linens and towels in top condition. This can save you a lot of money every year!

4. Midway Vacations Maximizes Your Income

Our team will coordinate and adjust your rental rates with our dynamic pricing software to target the highest rates and occupancy rate, by adjusting rapidly to seasonal changes, and current market conditions soas to maximize the annual returns on your investment, year after year! 

5. No mark-ups

We do not charge a mark-up, for repairs, renovations or replacement of furniture or equipment. We only get reimbursed for what we paid. We get good discounts with furniture stores and contractors, which will save you money!

6. In-house maintenance team

We work with our in-house maintenance staff, which makes it possible to perform any necessary repairs quickly and efficiently. Our in-house maintenance service saves you money, since we charge our maintenance service by the minute, instead of by hour, as third-party service providers do. Besides that, we guarantee a higher guest satisfaction, by providing a quick and efficient maintenance service 7 days per week!

7. In-house renovation project management

If you plan to renovate or partially renovate or redecorate your property, our in-house team can manage, coordinate and organize this project from A to Z. 

We work with good contractors that charge very competitive prices, and we also get many discounts with furniture stores. This makes it very easy and carefree for you to upgrade your property, and also saves you money and time!

8. Quality Control

Our team performs regular “deep inspections” of the properties, by following a thorough quality control checklist, to make sure they are always in top condition. This is a very important aspect of customer satisfaction and helps us to maximize your revenue.

9. In-house Housekeeping team

That’s right! We have our own housekeeping company — Midway Housekeeping. We employ a well-trained and dedicated full-time cleaning crew that works hard to keep your unit spotless for each new guest. Our cleaners know exactly what is necessary to keep your investment looking “par excellence”, primed and proper after each guest departure. We also utilize a professional laundry company with high-powered, high-temperature services to ensure your unit is kept fresh and clean. 

Our crew works 365 days a year and is able to provide additional housekeeping services to our guests upon request, at any time.

10. We are bonded and fully insured

Our company is fully bonded and insured with proper General Liability coverage and E&O coverage. 

How Does Midway Vacations Market My Property?

Prior your vacation rental ever hitting the market, Midway Vacations will thoroughly inspect your property to ensure that it is in guest-ready condition. We will make any recommendations based on our findings and seek your approval. We would love your insight and welcome you through every step of the process, but if you’re not available, that is okay too! We’ve helped many investors remotely and will always take great care to keep you informed.


Before the highly talented photographers that we collaborate with arrive, we’ll stage your property to perfection, so the photographers just have to come in and capture the beauty. While they work their magic, we’ll curate a description that accurately describes this piece of paradise. From there, your listing goes live on our own website and across the top rental platforms on the web, such as VRBO/HomeAway, Airbnb, and Booking.com, reaching millions of customers across the world. Midway Vacations is a premium partner with VRBO/HomeAway and Airbnb, guaranteeing your listing’s spot at the top of the page for maximum exposure.


Midway Vacations coordinates the rental rate in conjunction with competing properties, seasonal changes, and current market conditions – all in real time- to maximize the annual return on your investment. Our 24/7 booking makes it easier than ever to keep your unit occupied and your bottom line growing.

FAQ For Property Owners

Is Midway Vacations insured?

Yes, we are insured for General Liability, with an E&O policy and for Cyber-Crime.

How much will it cost to list my property?
We meant it when we said no set up fees! Midway makes it easy for property owners to become our partner and we never charge set up fees for the administrative tasks required to list your property.

We may ask that your property be deep cleaned upon entering our program before your first guests arrive:

  • Studio $250
  • 1 bedroom $300
  • 2 bedroom $375
    How much are the ongoing management fees?

    Our management fee varies between 18% and 20%, depending on the location of the property. Contact us to evaluate your specific property and requirements.

    What’s included in the management fee?

    Please see “Our Services” above.

    Are there restrictions on how often you can stay at your own property?

    Absolutely not! We will never limit the amount of nights you can use the property for yourself.

    If you or your own personal guests are looking to enjoy some time at the property, you will only be billed the cleaning fee to make sure your next guests will check into a perfectly clean unit, and this can be easily deducted from your revenue proceeds. 

    What are some of the normal expenses incurred by the rental program?

    Normal wear-and-tear will necessitate periodic maintenance and small repairs to keep your property looking its best. Midway Vacations performs quarterly deep cleanings and carpet cleanings, replacement of pillows, comforters, and mattress pad/protectors, along with other household inventory items necessary for the comfort of your guests.

    What about cleaning services, linens and maintenance?

    Your guests pay a cleaning fee prior to their arrival. Midway Vacations will perform a deep cleaning of your unit every four months, which is vital to the ongoing satisfaction of your guests and the sustainability of your home.  A thoroughly cleaned home helps to maximize your income. The difference between the checkout cleaning fee that was paid by the guests and the deep cleaning cost, will be charged and deducted from your revenue proceeds. 

    Our in-house maintenance team takes exceptional care of the maintenance of your property, including coordinating the replacement of items damaged by normal wear and tear, professional upgrades to the premises as necessary, and the scheduling of larger repairs and maintenance projects to sustain your investment and keep it in optimal condition.

    Will I be able to see confirmed reservations?

    Yes! Transparency is key in building a long term relationship with our property owners. You’ll have access to the Owner Portal and can view all reservations made for your property.

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